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13-17 March 2023 - Office National de la Protection Civile, Tunis, Tunisia

From the 13th to 17th March 2023, the PPRD Med mission had the following objectives:

  • Presenting PPRD Med Objectives: The mission aimed to provide a clear and concise exposition of the PPRD Med initiative's fundamental objectives, highlighting its overarching vision and strategic intent.

  • Describing Workpackages (WP1-WP5): A vital component of the mission involved offering detailed insights into the specific tasks, roles, and anticipated outputs associated with each workpackage, ensuring a cohesive understanding of the program's operational intricacies.

  • Gaining Deeper Insight into ONPC and Its Risk Management Strategies: The mission sought to delve into the operational dynamics of the Office National de la Protection Civile (ONPC). This exploration included understanding its structural framework, operational strategies, and approaches to risk management.

  • Prioritizing Potential Scenarios Driven by ONPC Risks and Cascade Effects: By engaging in thoughtful dialogues, the mission aimed to discern the most pertinent risk scenarios associated with ONPC's operations. Additionally, the cascade effects of these scenarios were evaluated within the broader context of the PPRD Med initiative.

In summation, this program is marked by its dual commitment to building upon prior successes while infusing innovation into the realm of disaster management. Through strategic collaborations, advanced technologies, and a holistic approach to capacity building, the program strives to enhance the resilience of partner countries. The associated PPRD Med mission aligns with this overarching vision, seeking to foster understanding, collaboration, and effective risk management practices within the context of the ONPC in Tunis, Tunisia.



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