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ISA is actively seeking talented Experts and Analysts to join our dynamic team. If you possess expertise in areas such as CBRNE challenges, Disaster Risk Reduction, Data Intelligence, Risk Assessment, Counter-Terrorism, Organized Crime Analysis, Illegal Trafficking, or Cultural Heritage Preservation, we invite you to contribute your skills to our innovative projects. 


ISA is Actively Recruiting Experts and Analysts 

Join ISA and play a crucial role in addressing complex issues, utilizing cutting-edge technologies, and making a positive impact on global security and well-being. Explore exciting opportunities with us and be part of a team dedicated to excellence in various critical domains.

Embrace Challenges, Autonomy, and a Safer World

At ISA, we offer access to intricate challenges and the autonomy to address them, contributing to a safer world. If you embrace such responsibility, we invite you to join us. Our personalized interview process is tailored to your skills and desired role, starting with phone interviews and progressing to in-person sessions if needed.



Be authentic!

We seek individuals who are intelligent, adaptable, and eager to be part of our close-knit team. Cultural fit matters, and we value understanding who you truly are. Bring your genuine self, and we'll reciprocate.


Reflect on your significant professional or academic achievements. 

Expect questions about your execution, challenges faced, motivation, leadership, and learnings from failures.


Share your passions. We're interested in understanding what motivates you. 

There's no right or wrong answer; we simply want to witness your enthusiasm for something you love.


Don't hesitate to seek clarification.

When tackling analytical or technical problems, articulate your approach and ask questions as needed. ISA thrives on collaborative teamwork, so feel free to engage with your interviewer.

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