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Management of high-risk chemical facilities and risk mitigation in the African Atlantic Façade (including Tunisia).

Higher chemical production and use increase the probability of accidental releases during production, storage, distribution, consumption, and disposal of chemicals.

Unexpected discharges may permanently damage soil, water and with strong adverse impacts on the environment, more and more pervasive, actually threatening human health. Accidental releases can also lead to emergencies such as fire or explosion.

It is essential for African countries to enhance capacity building for prevention and control of chemical hazard together with measures for reaction and recovery in case of accident.

The overall objective is to enhance sound chemical hazard management within the African Atlantic Façade Region in order to prevent the occurrence of high risks chemical accidents inside and around all important chemical installations. Partner countries need also to be able to develop a rapid and appropriate response in case of chemical accident for limiting the impact on human health and on the environment.

The project will combine two successive phases with phase one comprising of fact-finding visits (including reviews of legislation, mapping, inventory making, assessments...) and phase two comprising of awareness raising seminars, training workshops and practical capacity building. Phase one should be completed during the first 12 months of the project and phase two during the remaining time.

Phase 1: Inception phase

  • Review of the legislative and managerial systems in place concerning high risk chemical facilities in the AAF region

Phase 2: Awareness raising and Training

  • Strengthening regional and national capacities with respect to prevention of/ preparedness for/ and response to chemical incidents in the AAF region.

Strengthening regional and national capacities with respect to limitation of environmental consequences following a chemical incident in the AAF region.

Partner countries:

African Atlantic Façade:

  1. Gabon

  2. Ivory Coast

  3. Liberia

  4. Mauritania

  5. Morocco

  6. Senegal

  7. Togo

  8. Tunisia

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