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Management of hazardous biological and chemical waste in the African Atlantic Façade.

The Project EU CBRN CoE 35 is part of the EU Programme on Centres of Excellence in the field of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) disaster prevention, preparation and response.

In the field of the civil defence, all the countries of this region have strengthened the cooperation among themselves and have shown to be eager to exchange best practices on hazardous waste management with the EU. The main aim of this project is to improve (or to initiate) best practices for managing hazardous chemical and biological products.

After a first phase identifying the specific needs, each country considered the aspects related to sampling, detection, measurement, protection, decontamination, mitigation, transportation, containment, recovery of land and waste disposal. All the while they maintained a coherent regional approach. This included drawing up complete standard procedures and technological solutions for chemical and biological waste. The works included technical and regulatory inventories, training for building skills, workshops and a practical programme on large-scale chemical and biological waste sampling and measurement (for competent laboratories and technicians), in which many laboratories took part in international inter-comparison testing schemes to measure the performance reached.

Coordination with national, regional and international activities that are already in place or ongoing has been a key factor for success that has prevented duplicities and has increased local involvement and the sustainability of this project.

Partner countries:

African Atlantic Façade: 

  1. Gabon 

  2. Ivory Coast 

  3. Liberia 

  4. Mauritania

  5.  Morocco 

  6. Senegal 

  7. Togo

  8.  Tunisia

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