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EDA - European Defence Agency - Service Framework Contract

Provision of CBRN Protection Research & Technology Studies and Expertise

Provision of services in the form of "CBRN Protection Research and Technology" studies and expertise at two complementary levels:


(a) a ‘horizontal’ level, comprising different fields of activities such as roadmaps; demonstrators, tools and systems; collaborative training and exercises workshops and conferences; and


(b) a ‘vertical’ level, comprising different types of thematic areas such as personal protective equipment; detection, identification and monitoring (DIM) of CBR; CBRN Hazard Management; CBRN Modelling and Simulation; Protection of Critical Infrastructure from CBRN (Collective protection); Protection of Food and Water Supply from CBRN; Assessment, Diagnosis, and Medical Countermeasures of CBR Hazards.


The first specific contract will address all fields of activities in the context of thematic area ‘Personal Protective Equipment’.


There is an urgent need to ensure safe and effective procedures, technology and equipment such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that can be available, accessible and suitable for the current situation and also future scenarios to protect military (and civilian) users. The objective of the first specific contract is to provide a better understanding of the existing European and international rules and standards and existing industry providers for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), in order to develop a database for easy identification of required PPE for responders. Furthermore, a vision on a European approach, based on best practices of both use of PPE and procurement (alliances), with a specific focus on the role of the EDA is needed to deal with future CBRN threats. 

Scope of the study

This study will “address the full scope of chemical, biological and radiological PPE” within a military context, with a specific focus on PPE for biological threats, including viruses such as COVID-19 and possible future scenarios for development of new PPE. However, civil use will also be considered within the project. 

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