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Quick Xor Technology for cold-plasma Biological & Chemical decontamination

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  • is an innovative solution for the decontamination of main chemical (CWA) and biological (BWA) warfare agents. It is specially designed to render standard small and middle- sized objects safe.

  • utilizes non-thermal plasma (NTP) for the neutralization of the targeted substances or organisms, avoiding the utilization of liquid-based compounds that generate waste products and may compromise the functionality of the decontaminated objects.


  • acts effectively over diverse surfaces neutralizing a wide range of biological and chemical threat agents.


The results of realized essays in various European certified laboratories confirm the capacity of QUIXOTE to neutralize the hazard of CWAs and BWAs, leaving negligible amounts of inert substances as only products.


From a logistic point of view, electricity consumption has been kept to a minimum and the use of carrier gases, such as nitrogen and argon, has been avoided. To be deployed, this technology only requires clean air and produces a bare minimum of by-products that, in any case, are environmentally harmless.

These factors minimize the logistic footprint and bring QUIXOTE nearer to the operation field.

QUIXOTE is presented in two different configurations for alternative modes of plasma application:

1. Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Chamber – APPC

The air inside a closed chamber is energized, generating non-thermal plasma (NTP) in the form of an atmosphere of highly-charged ionized species. The plasma acts along the exposed surfaces of the objects in the chamber, neutralizing the chemical compounds or living agents that are adsorbed on them.

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2. Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet – APPJ

The jet configuration emits propelled, ionized air in a single direction, acting as a plasma torch. In this way, the user can control the specific regions of a single object surface to be decontaminated from biological or chemical agents, and the time during which they are exposed to the plasma.



Ibatech Technologia

Madrid, Spain  

Titania SA

Valencia, Spain

Military Research Institute, Ltd.

Brno, Czech Republic

Polish military institute WICHIR

Warsaw, Poland

Polish military institute WIHE Warsaw, Poland


Vienna, Austria

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QUIXOTE Consortium
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