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PPRD Mediterranean
Prevention, Preparedness, Response to natural & man-made Disasters in the Southern Neighbourhood countries

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PPRD Mediterranean aims to support partner countries in deepening the engagements and priorities identified under the last phase, including reinforcement of national situational rooms and inter-sectoral cooperation for emergency response, Host Nation Support, the link between risk assessment and emergency planning, and information-sharing tools to support decision making, with the ultimate goal of enhancing cooperation and partnership between the EU and Mediterranean nations via the Union for the Mediterranean.

Southern Neighbourhood countries

Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania is also included in the project PPRD Med as part of the Union for the Mediterranean and Tunisia.

Key principles

WP 1 Linkage with Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)
WP 2 Strengthening
 the operational capacity of civil protection institutions

WP 3 Interregional cooperation development
WP 4 Early warning systems based on earth observation and new equipment

WP 5 Relations with civil society organization, NGOs, Academics and R&D centers

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