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Methodology for Assessing States’ Capacity for Countering the Hostile Misuse of CBRN Knowledge and Materials

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MASC-CBRN is a fourfold approach:

  • European Commission-funded initiative (DG HOME ISF-P) that combines diverse expertise, intellectual rigour, and professional competence, in order to inform the development of an integrated approach toward CBRN risk management for strengthening the prevention of deliberate CBRN events.

  • seeks to enhance understanding of the existing and emerging risks related to the hostile misuse of CBRN knowledge and materials and identify gaps, promising practices, and intervention points for strengthening the governance of CBRN risks. 

  • focuses on developing practical policy instruments for the implementation of strategies and measures for building sustainable capacity against the hostile misuse of CBRN knowledge and materials.


  • aims to form a multi-stakeholder community of practice for outreach, experience exchange, and peer learning. 


Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) 


University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration and Legal Affairs in Bavaria (BayHfoD)


The Center for Security Studies



Police Force of the Basque Country 



IBATECH Tecnología S.L.U., Spain

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