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Operational Cooperation

Operational cooperation between law enforcement authorities, such as information exchange, is essential to ensure security inside and outside the EU.

Our expertise 

ISA has been working with International, European, National and Regional law enforcement agencies (LEAs) such as Ertzaintza (autonomous police force for the Basque Country) on projects and initiatives funded by the European Commission DG HOME and DG INTPA. We have been involved on multiple research & technology projects and capacity-building initiatives with the objective to answer end-users' needs. Our commitment is to understand end-users requirements, and to translate them into technological solutions and methodologies.    


Inside the European Union

Through MASC-CBRN project funded by the European Commission DG HOME under the ISF-P (Internal Security Fund - Police), we have developed a methodology for assessing states’ capacity for countering the hostile misuse of CBRN knowledge and materials. This methodology will be one of the tools to be used by 27 EU member states and beyond for CBRN risk mitigation. It could also be complementary to the initiative of the EU CBRN Centres of Excellence and risk mitigation, which currently covers 62 countries outside the European Union.   

Outside the European Union

Through WeCAPS (Improving Port Security in West and Central Africa) during the COVID-19 pandemic, we advised the project management team in charge of the COVID-19 Response Phase 1 to acquire and ship medical material which resulted to a substantial amount of disinfection equipment, in addition to masks, delivered to Ports authorities across the African Atlantic Façade. The WeCAPS COVID-19 Response Phase 1 also consisted of, in addition to equipment, a knowledge sharing tool and an e-learning platform with basic requirements to handle infectious biological agents.     

ISA - as part of the WeCAPS COVID-19 Response Phase 2 - has provided a series of recommendations to mitigate the risks of contamination and to improve health security. This methodology is a "one size fits all" solutions as it could be applied to upcoming biological outbreaks. The WeCAPS COVID-19 Response Phase 2 consisted of a methodology with regards to vulnerability analysis, crisis protocol, implementation of the International Health Regulations (IHR) and its public health emergency contingency planning at designated points of entry, diagnostic strategy including technologies available on the market.        


  • MASC-CBRN Methodology for Assessing States’ Capacity for Countering the Hostile Misuse of CBRN Knowledge and Materials

  • WeCAPS Improving Port Security & Safety in West and Central Africa (WeCAPS COVID-19 - Response Phase 2)

  • PPRD Med "PPRD Mediterranean" Prevention, Preparedness, Response to natural & man-made Disasters in the Southern Neighbourhood countries 

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