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CBRN CoE Project 88

Strengthening of CBRN Medical Preparedness and Response Capabilities in SEEE (South East and Eastern Europe) countries*

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All beneficiary countries are affected to a different extent by burden with limited medical emergency management capabilities of CBRN accidents and emergencies.

Although the first and secondary response components are in place, luck of technical capacities, absence or weak training infrastructure, lack of CBRN related special technical and methodological components and coordination of their activities based on respective guidelines and SOPs is a challenge.

Majority of the SEEE participant countries lacking sustainable training systems to ensure regular standardized and recognized training and education for first medical and paramedical responders as well as hospital emergency staffs and emergency medical managers. A number of CoE partner countries have developed activities addressing this concern at national level or with collaboration with international organisations.

The improvement is expected in CBRN Medical Emergency Preparedness and Response with support of EU legislation, regulations, good practices and technologies. Also horizontal cooperation among services at national as well as international levels CBRN Medical Emergency Preparedness and Response can be improved.



The overall objective of the project is to strengthen and enhance medical emergency preparedness and response capabilities in the SEEE region partner countries in order to ensure minimization of health consequences and human losses following the CBRN accident and/or emergency.

* SEEE countries

  1. Albania

  2. Armenia

  3. Azerbaijan

  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  5. Georgia

  6. Moldova

  7. Montenegro

  8. North Macedonia 

  9. Serbia

  10. Ukraine

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