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CBRN CoE Project 82

Capacity Building for Medical Preparedness and Response to CBRN Incidents in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)*

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Project 82 is a joint effort between the European Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar under the EU CBRN Centres of Excellence (CoE) Initiative to mitigate risks from CBRN materials and technologies.


The project builds on the experiences of CoE Project 54 on strengthening capacities to manage medical responses to CBRN incidents in the Middle East, a project that involved the countries of Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq and which is concluding in August 2019 after running for a period of three years.



The overarching objective of P82 is to enhance medical preparedness and response to CBRN incidents in the GCC region through the training of trainers and establishment of national training centers.


These centres will contribute to a sustainable training framework in the region, establishing one, if not existing, or enhancing it where possible, to ensure a continuous national and regional capacity to train future generations of paramedics (1st line), doctors and nurses (2nd line) on the management of casualties of CBRN accidents and other incidents.

* GCC countries

  1. United Arab Emirates

  2. Saudi Arabia

  3. Kuwait

  4. Bahrain

  5. Qatar

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