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why ISA

With good strategy and the right methodology, organizations can solve complex problems. In 2012, when we looked at the global picture, we saw organisations working in silos with little synergies and a lack of cross-fertilization. We saw a need for a different approach and we knew it would take a different kind of company to build it. That’s why we founded ISA.

ISA (registered brand of “Intelligence & Science Applications EURL”) is a strategic intelligence company leader in Europe in the field of Intelligence, security and defence.

Incorporated in France and active internationally, the company can rely on multiannual know-how in Open-Source Intelligence, Knowledge Management, strategic forecasting and CBRNe.

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what we do

ISA improves the resilience of countries, systems and people to reduce their vulnerability to major threats and incidents by providing strategies, methodologies and technological solutions.

ISA offers a wide range of advisory services in the fields of Intelligence, security and defence.

Leveraging on the knowledge and skills gained by participating in several security/defence-related research projects as well as on the experience of its professionals, ISA provides its clients with the expertise and capabilities they require in order to meet their needs. The company’s advisory services have been delivered to governments, public agencies and large industrial groups based in Europe, West & North Africa. 




Partner countries


EU projects

who we are

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Mr. Alexandre Custaud is the CEO of ISA – Intelligence & Science Applications – and in charge of the overall management of the company.

He works as a CBRNe expert (with extensive experience on fact-finding missions and trainings in Maghreb, Sahel, West Africa) in CBRN Capacity Building projects such as P.35, P.41, P.55, P.69, P.71. under the EU CBRN Centers of Excellence Initiative funded by the European Commission DG INTPA.


Active also in several research & development projects (FP7, H2020, JIP-CBRN, ...), and elected as a Vice-Chairman of IMG-S TA6 CBRNe, he has contributed to the Security Research in Europe since the PASR in 2005.     

Prior to ISA, he worked for several consultancy firms based in Singapore, The Netherlands, Belgium, France in the field of CBRN (medical counter-measures and non-medical countermeasures) on research projects and studies funded by EDA, NATO, DG HOME, DG MOVE, etc.. He started his career as the Coordinator of the European Task Force on Bioterrorism within EuropaBio - The European Association for Biotechnology Industry - and participated to several Green Papers (Detection Technologies, and Bio-Preparedness) and was regularly invited to contribute to the EU CBRN Action Plan.

He received several master degrees in Economy & Mathematics from the Aix-Marseille University (AMU), and the Political Science Institute (IEP) in Aix-en-Provence, France. He also obtained an MBA in Strategic Intelligence from the Ecole de Guerre Economique in Paris (Economic Warfare School) created by the former head of the French Army Intelligence Training Centre. 

ISA relies on a large network of best-in-class experts in their field that can be activated rapidly on -short -medium -long term missions or projects.

Our experts are former diplomats, scientists, lawyers, and specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cybersecurity, Conflict-Prevention, and Peace-Building.     

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